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Michael Dees

One Single Rose

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Dees presents a romantic vocal album of standards & originals, with strings on some tracks. He is accompanied by some of the world's most stellar artists, including Oscar Castro-Neves, Hubert Laws, and George Gaffney, Sarah Vaughan's longtime accompanist. Dees is a veteran performer who has worked his way across the country, performing on many TV shows & at numerous clubs. He has recorded more than 100 songs for movie & TV soundtracks, and performed the singing role of Frank Sinatra on the HBO version of "The Rat Pack" created in the late 1990s.


The sultry and smooth vocalist Michael Dees has performed vocals for the soundtracks of such films as A Walk in the Rain, Day of the Locust, The Happy Ending, Buddy Buddy, Sabrina and Slow Dancing in the Big City as well as being re-creating the vocals for the HBO produced original biopic The Rat Pack in 1998.