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Frank LoCrasto

When You're There

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This is Frank LoCrasto and his debut release When You’re There. LoCrasto, a gifted pianist, composer and arranger, wrote all of the songs for this exceptional release. When You’re There features some outstanding musicians, including Chris Cheek, soprano and tenor saxophone; Mike Moreno, acoustic and electric guitar; Ben Street, bass; Tommy Crane, drums. In addition, vocalist Becca Stevens and guitarist Richard Boukas are each featured on a composition.


Frank LoCrasto uses his imagination, evocative musicality, prodigious chops, and eclectic sonic palette to create dreamy musical locales. His transporting compositions are genre-defying but informed loosely by the feel of jazz, ambient music, Latin, vibey 1960s and 1970s B-movie film scores, and exotica. His tunes are dynamic and dimensional, brimming with thoughtful instrumentation choices, lush orchestrations, and melodies and movements that exhibit narrative instrumental arcs. His recordings are vibey, and favor little atmospheric imperfections that lend them a warmly organic feel.