Aaron Diehl & The Knights

Zodiac Suite (Signed)

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Release Date: September 15, 2023

Vinyl Release in Partnership with the American Pianists Association. 

Ultimate Test Pressing Bundle includes:

1-LP 180-gram Limited Edition Signed Test Pressing
1-LP 180-gram Original album with full artwork and packaging

Critically acclaimed pianist/composer Aaron Diehl's penchant for the past influencing the future has come full circle with his fully realized suite of Mary Lou Williams' Zodiac Suite -- the first fully-fledged professional recording of this incredible music. Solely paying tribute to Mary Lou Williams was not the goal, as Diehl's mission is to give honor and praise to one of the greatest composers of the 20th century and the forgotten rich history of Black Classical Music.


Before the large-scale production of a vinyl record, a scarce number of copies are pressed to test the quality and fine-tune any audio that may need to be adjusted. Once this process is approved, Mack Avenue makes an extremely limited quantity of these test pressings available to the general public. Packaged in a simple white jacket featuring a signature from the artist (when available), these collectible test pressings are available in extremely limited quantities. Bring home a rare version of your favorite album today!

Tips for listening to your test pressing:

Step 1: Clean the record.
Step 2: Play the record all the way through with the volume at zero.
Step 3: Clean your cartridge stylus.
Step 4: Turn up the volume and ENJOY!

For more info on the American Pianists Association, please visit: americanpianists.org